Man with a Mission

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Well I had my first treatment. I had no side affects. The worst part of it is my appointment right now is at 11:15. I can't eat anything after 745 and if I do eat anything before then it has to be something very light. So by the time the appointment is done I'm starving for food and kind of weak from not eating. Next week my appointments move to 10 am which will be the standard time thank god. Well I have to leave for my second appointment but wanted to get this out there to let you know I'm doing fine.

take care

Monday, July 24, 2006

Quick Update

Ok I'm a little behind already. Let's start with the fun stuff. It was great seeing everyone at work on Thursday. It was fun walking up and down the isles checking to see who's been slacking, just kidding. Thanks for taking a couple of minutes of your day to say hi and catching up.

Ok the other stuff. Last week I had my acupuncture appointment. I will be having acupuncture at least once a week to help fight off the nausea and fatigue due to the treatments. I also had an appointment last Friday to take more pictures of myself in the mask to insure the radiation hits the right spot. In case some of you are not sure what I mean. What they do is create a mask of your face. They lay a piece of meshed plastic over your face. The plastic has been warmed under hot water. The plastic molds itself to your face. For you artist’s I'm trying to find out if you can buy this plastic on the internet, it would be great for mold making. Anyways the mask is used too keep the head still for the treatments.

Well tomorrow is the first treatment and acupuncture appointment. I will try to update my blog to let you know how everything went.
Until then take care.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Ok for those of you who are just now hearing this or for anybody who has missed out on anything here is an overview to date.

This whole thing starting around end of May early June with headaches that lasted about 3 weeks. I was lucky enough that the doctor had a feeling something more was going on besides the possible migran headaches. On June 24th the doctor sent me to get a MRI done. After he reviewed the results they found a golf ball size tumor on the right side of my head.
I had the surgery on June 25th to remove the tumor and was out of the hospital by June 28th. I have not been on any pain med's since the morning of June 26th. They diagnosed the tumor to be cancer.

On July 7th I returned to the doctor and had the staples removed and to check how I have been feeling. To be honest since the day after the surgery I have felt fine. I feel as though I went in for some routine surgery or a simple doctor check up. I think the hardest part to this point has been the weight restrictions (10lb's) and not being able to drive. Since the July 7th's check up some of this has been lifted. I can now drive short distance's no freeway driving and I can now lift my son Alec up.

After a lot of research and appointments we have decided to go to the Froedtert Medical Collage of Wisconsin. We have found Neurology’s and a Radiation Oncologists that specializes in brain tumors/cancer.

Next Steps

Well now that I have healed from the surgery the next steps have been scheduled. I will begin chemo and radiation treatments on June 25th. I will have radiation treatments Monday through Friday and take the chemo pill 7 days a week. This treatment will last for 6 weeks so the count down can now begin. The last treatment will be Sept 5th. Just in time for Brian and Kerris wedding I'm standing up in. YEAH!!!!!

The side effects from what I hear will be fatigue, possible nausea, and about the 4 or 5th week loss of some hair, but should grow back. Ok yes I was losing my hair any ways you can stop laughing now. To be honest I believe I will have little to no side effects, besides the hair loss. My ability to heal quick and my stubborn streak to do anything besides sit on the couch will come in handy.

After the treatments are done I plan to return back to work around mid to late september. I will still have to contine the chemo for about 1 year. How much chemo I have to take will depend on which group I'm put in. I have regestered for a study at the Froedtert Hospital. The difference between the 2 groups is one group gets the standard chemo pill for 5 days every 4 weeks. The second group will recive the the chemo pill for 21 days every 3 or 4 weeks.

Well that is the game plan. I will try to update the blog at least once a week to let everyone know how the treatments are going and to let you know how I'm doing. Until then take care and talk/ see you soon.

Why a Blog

Well I have decided to start a Blog. I have never before even thought of using a blog but with the current events I thought this would be a great way to keep everyone who has been great support for me and my family up to date on how I' am doing.