Man with a Mission

Saturday, March 31, 2007


Well another month has gone by which means another MRI. To get too the point the MRI was clean not that I expected anything less. Now that we have talked about the cancer lets talk about life and what I have been up too lately.

Skye and I finally took advantage of a friends and family special from work. We went to Vegas for 3 nights 4 days. It was great Alec stayed with the grandparents which meant we were free to do what we wanted and when we wanted. Not to say I did not miss the little guy but it was great. Funny how the little moments standout the most in life, things that at the time don't seem important or life changing. So back here in Milwaukee, I think back to the warm weather of Vegas and how wonderful the trip was. The little moment that stands out was simply sitting at the Bellegio and sharing a cup of yummy coffee with Skye and just watching people walking by. It wasn't the 'O' show not that wasn't great or all the great food it was just sharing a quite moment with Skye. So enjoy every moment you never know how important it will be.

Speaking of warm weather I must say we have the spring bug. Skye and I are planting a flower garden in the front of the house this year. Last week when it was still warm I dug up the tree and bushes that were there. We cashed in our coins and went and bought 160 bricks to use for the edging. I have never been much of a gardener but I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers come up. If anybody has any hints on flower gardens or putting in a small retaining wall please leave a comment.

I will post Alec’s Easter photos when we get them back. The photos turned out great it was hard to choose which one we wanted. Speaking of photos keep an eye out next year from the zoo for the breakfast benefit. We went this year and the photographer snapped a lot of shots of Alec eating his pancakes. He is growing up so fast. We started him in preschool for 1 day a week for 5 hours. The first couple of weeks he did great but last week was a little tough. It will be interesting to see how he reacts after being off for spring break. The teachers tell us that he shares really well with the other kids and loves doing the art projects.

Well it is time to go and settle down for the night and have a glass of pomegranate juice.

Take care