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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another Quick Update

Well its been little over a week now on the new med's. No really side affects at this time. Yesterday was a little rough I have learned that I need to make sure I eat 3 balanced meals a day and little snacking in between. This seems to be the only side affect. It seems when I do not eat I get really tired quickly and food in gerneral does not sound good. Now I know you are suppose to eat 3 meals a day, it seems I'm a little more toucher on that now.

I did meet with the DR yesterday and has given me the go ahead to start driving again. I still have another month before I can lift Alec. The count down has started. I should find out today about returning back to work or not. Other then that we planted a garden (with a lot of help from some friends) last weekend and went to see the Brewers actually win against the SF Giants. I was almost impressed. I hope everyone had a chance to enjoy the weather.

take care David


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