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Sunday, June 03, 2007

What a Month

Well the old saying is the glass half full or half empty. In all honestly, it depends on how you like to view things. Ok you are wondering where the hell I’m going with this.

Well now to the point. The May 23rd MRI there was a slight change. I know what does a slight change mean. Nobody seems to know. The Dr ordered a PET scan the following week to see if we could see what this “slight change” means. The results of the PET scan did not help. They inject you with this lovely stuff to help when you have the scan for the cancer cells which will attach to them and show up on the scan. The PET scan came back and there was a little faint glow but then they said that the glowing could be due to the way they slice the images they take.

So 2 scans later and a lot of restless sleep in the household and nobody knows what it could be. It brings it down to 3 possibilities.

It could be a bad MRI scan as I did notice that this one was really quite, I could almost take a nap.
There could be cancer cells there but are dead and just floating up in my head.
Or it could be tumor activity

I go back to the Dr on June 20th for another MRI scan. The surgeon will be there to also view the MRI. Based on that we will have surgery done or not. If we do have the surgery we will also make the decision to have a balloon type device put in my head. This balloon will hold radiation allowing us to counteract the possibility of tumor growth. We looked into this when this whole thing began but the way the surgery was done we could not. I believe this will be a more effective approach then the chemo drug, as that has to travel through my body and break into the brain barrier before even getting to the tumor. Overall I feel great…no headaches, side affects from the drugs, nothing just living life and stopping to smell the flowers along the way as Alec has taught me to do.

Speaking of life, I have lost track on who knows and who does not but I have accepted a new position at Mark Travel. Yes I will be moving across the street from Trisept to Mark Travel. I’m looking forward as this is a new position and a new team. I can’t wait to build this new team and the challenges this new position holds. I will be starting June 18th.


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