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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Well I’m back home already.

The Doctors couldn’t find any reason to keep me any more so I’m able to rest in my own house/bed tonight and looking forward to not being bothered every 4hours in the middle of the night for vitals etc….

Its funny some things went easier this time then last time while other things did not. But the important part is that I’m out and stable.

We also received the results of what they removed from the surgery. They found scar tissue from radiation, dead cancer cells and a few active cancer cells. So over all it was a good thing we did go in and do a little clean up. With knowing that a few living ones were up there, we are going to try for a new study. This medication attacks on the proteins that cancer cells use to grow on.

I will be on light duty for a while and have a couple follow-up appointments next week to see how overall I’m doing and to have the staples removed. Until then take care everyone and thank you for all the thoughts and support.

~ David


  • And So It IS..I have prayed and continue to do so for complete wellness and I know for you, that all that needed elimination, is eliminated. Every cell, muscle, tissue is now operating as perfection, as God is perfection.and you are a Divine Creative Expression of IT.
    My hugs and love, Jeanne Schw.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:25 AM  

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