Man with a Mission

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Second MRI update

Ok, I know I have been really behind in keeping this up-to-date but October has been a very social month for us. Plus I had a work trip out to San Francisco for about 4 days.

Down to business. My second MRI came back clean. The scan shows very little scar tissue, which is awesome. For this months dosage of Chemo they increased it from 220 to 310 each day just because I'm doing that well. I must say with having to take it during the SFO trip, it left me a little weak and the stomach did not react as well as it normally does. I have a feeling large part was diet and the other the difference in time zone. But I'm doing fine now all is well again…not to worry.

So, in the month of October we took Alec Trick or Treating twice. Lets say he loved it, by the second house he had a system down for asking for more after the first handful of candy. Alec being cute as he is, knew how to work it. He was dressed as a giraffe, which he looked very cute in. We also took him pumpkin picking which took him a little bit more to get into but after awhile he was trying to pick up every pumpkin in the field.

Also in October we went and saw a tribute band for Genesis. The concerts were a blast. I would like to thank the friend who bought the tickets for us, allowing us to afford to go and enjoy both concerts. It was great to see what the band was like during the Peter Gabriel time.

Other then that we finally have the kiln up and running. We just need to vacuum it out and put a wash on the shelf, cut some glass, and let it do its thing. I hope to have pictures soon.

Until next time…take care everyone and thanks for all the support.