Man with a Mission

Monday, December 04, 2006

3rd MRI and preparing for the Holidays

Hello everyone

Well I just had my 3rd MRI and everything was clean again. There was a little concern about my platelets as they dropped some based on the blood test after thanksgiving (November 24th). They were still normal but they were just a little worried. So they made me do a blood test the same day as my MRI (November 28th) and they were back up. I blame it on the wonderful turkey dinner I had with the family.

Ok so I'm a little late in putting a picture up but here it is alec at Halloween

Also for those of you who watch TV at night watch for the Farm and Fleet commercial. Skye was interviewed the day of the big xmas sale. I'm trying to upload the video but having a few problems with that. It has been the highlight of the holidays.

Well other things we are getting ready to celebrate Alec's 2 year birthday. We are doing a birthday with one of his playmates because their birthday's are so close. We are going to have it at Pump it up. It a place that has everything from a slide to a basketball court done in large blown up balloons. I'm sure he will sleep well that night.

Also we have done our first piece in the kilm I will try to take pictures of that too. It turn out beautifully.

take care everyone and have wonderful holidays